My daughter has been attending CLUB E for almost 7 years now and the results are visible – a wide variety of words, excellent marks at school and at competitions. At CLUB E my daughter feels relaxed and motivated. She attends her classes regularly and always looks forward to them! Thanks a lot, Ms Stefanova!

Evgenia Vasileva

We had the pleasure of using the services of Tanya Stefanova when our son was in the fifth class. We were impressed by her professionalism and sense of responsibility. My son’s classes were after school and the organisation was perfect. Also, She always found the right approach to our son – both during the classes and the consultations. Thank you!

Vladimir Madzharov

I am very pleased with my classes at CLUB E because I am advancing quite fast. I think Ms Stefanova is a great teacher. She has a lot of experience and the desire to assist her students in acquiring knowledge. She also manages to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that facilitates the learning process.

Julian Krastev

For me CLUB E was a unique combination of a friendly environment and serious exam preparation customised to the needs of every learner. There I met some very interesting people who are still my friends. We had great fun during our two years together. Thanx to my preparation at CLUB E, I managed to get a very good grade at CAE and continue my education in the Netherlands, where I am now in my second year of the Law program


My daughter, who is now in class 7, has been attending CLUB E for four years. She is doing the individual-based program and the results are amazing! She can do dictations, translate freely and comprehend a great deal while listening. I also enrolled my son in CLUB E. 2015/2016 is his first year there. I wish Ms Stefanova the best of luck!





I have been attending CLUB E for a year and 4 months now. Tanya is a teacher who manages to find the right approach to every student of hers. As a result, I attend my classes with great desire and the results are impressive for such a short time!

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